Professional Classification of Tapware Styles in Australia

Over the years, tapware designs have evolved tremendously both in terms of shapes and outlining finishes. Today, what we see in the market is far apart from what it used to be, and it has produced a wild noise from all angles. The effect of this noise is that it is getting more challenging to choose the right tapware in Australia that fits your design expectation. However, this task appears to be a daunting one already as the associated factors are few.

Therefore, this article discusses some of the topmost tapware styles that may go well with your interior home design. These popular interior design styles come with peculiar functions that can optimize the use of your space and the hardware combination. Also, you get to enjoy a beautiful environment with optimum functionality. Let us consider them one after the other.

Professional Classification of Tapware Styles in Australia

Contemporary style

The contemporary tapware style is challenging to find and nail down because it can be very fluid. Meanwhile, it simply refers to the most popular type in Australia right now, depending on how far you look. The recency matters in deciding what is contemporary and what is not. For instance, a modern tapware style five years ago may not be as trendy as before anymore. But generally speaking, they contain interesting newly discovered materials.

Among tapware styles, the recently contemporary styles that we refer to have a sleek shape with some soft curves. At the same time, it comes with exquisite finishes such as brushed nickel, matte black, and gunmetal. In this case, the Chrome finish can also match the style and can be further perfected with brushed chrome or stainless steel for refraction. For example, you can compare tapware containing brushed nickel with earthly tiles and timber accents.

Minimalist Style

The minimalist idea of tapware styles involves a pared-back that tends towards an aesthetic value that shows that ‘less is more. In other words, you get to have straightforward shapes such as the square and round shapes in a monochromatic arrangement. Therefore, the color palette often contains grey, white, and black, except for some accent colors that may occasionally show up. 

As you may expect, the chrome and black tapware finishes are the two design colors you wish from a minimalist design. However, matte white, gunmetal, and stainless steel may also readily fit into the system. The most popular design in this category will be the Toi Collection of wall mixers. 

Coastal Style

The Coastal tapware design is a category for Australian homes because it inspires the sky and the sea perspective. Moreover, the coastal interior design style factors many homes in Australia are along the coast. Part of the characteristic features includes a light and breezy style that draws colors from the ocean. As a result, you get to see a beautiful blend of blue and green, having a heavy white or cream base.

At the same time, the Coastal tapware design is suitable for these interior homes where people can create a fusion of styles into one. For instance, homeowners can merge Hampton’s coastal style with the coastal Boho. The first one is an ornate tapware style, while the second is more like a minimalist style. Therefore, the combination gives a flavor from both classes to create a unique style. Moreover, the coastal tapware design is suitable with just any type of finish. 

You may have many options with tapware, but the coastal design seems to minimize that by bringing you the best. Similarly, it combines perfectly with the chrome or brushed gold finish—nevertheless, these two are more like the traditional options. Meanwhile, more recently, interior designers now choose brushed nickel and black as solid alternatives. In addition, if you need a water-resistant finish, you may choose stainless steel. 

Professional Classification of Tapware Styles in Australia

Boho Style

The Boho represents another unique style of interior design with tapware that is peculiar to Australia. It portrays a natural arrangement with earthier tones that are currently trending. The rise and rise of this design will mean that you have an excellent chance to explore more cultures and travel. This cross-cultural style combines the hand-chiseled tiles of Morocco with the solid stone slabs from Turkey. 

So, the best Boho tapware style is combined with classic furniture such as the bathroom vanity. Although some users like to compare the Boho with the minimalist tapware design, they are usually paired with the minimal black designs. However, unlike the minimalist spaces, this Boho tapware finish is well softer and warmer, where you can also have brushed finishes. 

The Mid-century modern style

It is better to understand the mid-century design when you respect the resurgence of the modern lens tapware design. It also comes with classic shapes with a rebirth of a new design style. In addition, the mid-century materials like the terrazzo return strongly for penny round tiles. It can also combine well with a somewhat playful range of colors. 

Some of the color examples include sage green, powered blue, and blush pink. If you do not like to have colored tapware, then you may try another interior design through a firm shape. This soft curved tapware style is trendy in the mid-century collection and can soften the angular lines. 

The Industrial Style

When it comes to the industrial style, you can boast of a new level of tapware finish resurgence with peculiarity to the interior market of Australia. Moreover, this interior design style follows more of what lies below it to make a complete statement. For instance, it exposes the bricks, beams, pipes, and all the other raw materials. Meanwhile, the user will also discover that many of the related styles in this category are more suitable for industrial space than personal or residential ones. Moreover, it can be ideal as a fusion of other similar techniques that can work more suitably. 

Professional Classification of Tapware Styles in Australia


In conclusion, by now, you have an idea of at least six different modern styles that can match your expectation of tapware designs. Similarly, the choice of the tapware style may depend on the compatible theme of your home interior. However, by checking the catalog of modern tapware designs on display, you can better understand. Check out Tile and Bath Co for the best and trendy tapware design and style.