Less Known Pors and Cons of Terrazzo Flooring

Less Known Pors and Cons of Terrazzo Flooring

Over the years, terrazzo tiles have been one of the construction industry’s favorite home interior design materials. And presently, it is becoming the most sought-after flooring option for architects, contractors, and even homeowners due to its numerous benefits.

Meanwhile, terrazzo tiles are excellent home décor options, but let me be the one to tell you that not all construction projects require the use of terrazzo tiles.  Of course, terrazzo tiles can bring much beauty and elegance to your space, and you can use them for a low-budget project. Yet, there are things about terrazzo tiles that people seldom talk about. in this article; I will reveal some of the less known facts about terrazzo tiles to guide your decision.

Before I go any further, I would like to clarify that I am not writing this article to criticize the current surging demand for terrazzo tiles. Instead, I am showing you a balanced view of the tiles to know when and when not to use them. I have compiled a list of confirmed pros and cons of the flooring material. 

 Less Known Pors and Cons of Terrazzo Flooring

Pros of Terrazzo

1. Durability 

Terrazzo tiles are among the most durable flooring materials in the present market. No one can gainsay that fact. Truly, terrazzo tiles can last for more than a century (which is assumably more than a lifetime). Based on research, terrazzo tiles are made with high-quality materials that make them remain intact even after the building collapses. 

Once you seal the tiles properly, it is free from any damage from either water or stain. Moreover, terrazzo tiles don’t chip away like other flooring materials. This fantastic benefit has mainly been the reason architects, contractors, and even homeowners prefer to use the material, 

What’s more? Terrazzo tiles can withstand the pressure of wear and tears in high-traffic areas. As a result, interior designers recommend it for use primarily in commercial spaces. One unique thing about terrazzo tiles is that even if worn down after several decades, they can be re-finished, polished, and reused without any traces of damage. Hence, it is fair enough to say that terrazzo tiles are a good option for low maintenance. 

2. Unlimited Design

Terrazzo allows designers to explore the most expansive imaginations – the design opportunities are endless. Compared to other types of tiles, terrazzo tiles is the most creative in terms of design. Terrazzo embeds granite, quartz, marble, or glass chips in an epoxy resin binder yet retains aesthetic quality as traditional-based terrazzo. 

Because terrazzo tiles are manufactured, mixing different high-quality elements, giving you the advantage to choose any design for any project. This allows home décor experts and architects to include abstract decorative logos, seals, and other designs during the installation. Click here to read about the Professional Classification of Tapware Styles in Australia.

Less Known Pors and Cons of Terrazzo Flooring

3. Environmentally-Friendly

Terrazzo tiles are a valuable home décor material that helps in designing sustainable buildings. Terrazzo tiles are a great option if you want to achieve a serene living space compared to other tiles. 

The material consists of essential recycled materials that can positively impact the overall health of people living in the building and the immediate environment. For instance, the epoxy in the mix of the terrazzo tiles has low VOC content. As a result, it helps prevent some harmful gasses from escaping into the air. That is why it is mainly used in medical centers. Summarily put, terrazzo tiles help in improving overall air quality. 

Architects and home designers prefer to use terrazzo tiles for their extreme durability and design options and their overall contributions to LEED points. Because terrazzo tiles are creative, contains recycled materials, and is available locally, it is fair enough to conclude that it plays a massive role in rebuilding the world of architecture.

4. Indoor And Outdoor Applications

Home décor and tiles Installers can apply terrazzo tiles in indoor and outdoor settings. Meanwhile, you need to note that epoxy terrazzo tiles are more ideal for indoor use only. If you want to decorate the exterior of your building with terrazzo tiles, it is better to opt for cement terrazzo tiles. 

Nowadays, this flooring material is mostly in high-traffic areas such as hallways, lobbies, and stairways. With the ability to withstand the pressure of water and stains, terrazzo tiles are also valuable for showers, countertops, baths, and swimming pools. Hence, whether you would like to go with thin-set epoxy terrazzo tiles for indoor applications or rustic terrazzo tiles for outdoor applications, it can meet your needs to fit your preferred style.

Less Known Pors and Cons of Terrazzo Flooring

Cons Of Terrazzo

1. High Initial Cost

Honestly, if you want to do a low-budget cost renovation project, I advise you not to go for terrazzo tiles. This and other reasons are why I told you earlier in this article that terrazzo tiles are not advisable for all types of construction projects 

Compared with other tiles, terrazzo tiles are expensive, considering the initial payment you will make to get the tiles on the ground. The only twist to this disadvantage is that terrazzo tiles will save you the cost of cleaning and maintenance over time as it is highly durable and requires lesser repairs. 

2. Cold Nature of Floor

One of the lowest points of terrazzo tiles is that their surface cannot hold heat properly during the winter season, making the floor and walls of the building cold. For that reason, it is essential that you first consider the climate of the area you want to build your home before purchasing terrazzo tiles. 

Terrazzo can be an excellent home décor material, but it might not be appropriate for you. If you are building a home in a cold environment, you should consider other materials unless you can afford to put a heat insulator under the tiles.  Meanwhile, placing a heat insulator under the tiles may cause discomfort to people walking across the floor barefooted.

Final Words 

Terrazzo tiles are great for home décor material. Still, as you are being driven by the exceptional qualities of these classic tiles, it is also good to consider the cons before you decide whether it is the right option for your building or not.

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